ProSource Sponsors 2016 Minnesota Airports Conference

April 20, 2016

ProSource Technologies, LLC (ProSource) is proud to be a Silver Sponsor at the 2016 Minnesota Airports Conference. The conference features experts in aviation and aerospace fields sharing their experiences in general assembly presentations, workshops, and open forums, and also offers technical and safety presentations, an industry trade show, and an awards and recognition program.

The conference is brought to you by the Minnesota Council of Airports and the Minnesota Department of Transportation and facilitated by the Airport Technical Assistance Program (AirTAP). ProSource has exhibited at the Minnesota Airports Conference for many years and is excited to be a part of it once again.

This year’s conference is being held in Brainerd, MN from April 20-22. For more information about the event, visit the conference website.

ProSource Presents at MNOPS and ND/SD PSOT Conferences This April

April 08, 2016

ProSource Technologies, LLC’s (ProSource) Curt Proud and Dave Hennen will present “Elements of a Modern Right of Way Project – A Route to Success” at two pipeline conferences this April. Their sessions will take place at the North Dakota/South Dakota Pipeline Safety Training Conference (ND/SD PSOT) on April 13 and at the MNOPS Pipeline Safety Educational Conference on April 14.

Attendees will be provided with an overview of the tasks necessary in a modern right of way project, with an emphasis on management and work practices to ensure a successful project by avoiding landowner complaints.

Proud works as a Project Manager for ProSource and has spent the past 13 years supervising and conducting hands-on work on the right of way and regulatory aspects of cross country pipeline and similar construction and expansion projects. Prior to ProSource, he spent 25 years with the risk management and insurance department of The Williams Companies and as the manager of land records and claims for the Williams Pipeline.

Hennen serves as ProSource’s Director of Environmental Services and offers 18 years of experience in the pipeline industry, including extensive experience in handling permitting and construction matters for many major energy and pipeline companies. He specializes in project management and regulatory and environmental permitting for linear construction projects.

For more information about the conferences, please visit the MNOPS event website and the ND/SD PSOT event page.

ProSource Sponsors CommonBond Communities at Upcoming GrandeGala Fundraiser

March 30, 2016

ProSource Technologies, LLC (ProSource) is proud to be a Gold Sponsor of CommonBond Communities’ 18th Annual GrandeGala, which benefits and celebrates the work of CommonBond Communities and their partners who share the vision that the stability of a home combined with the support of individual services can change lives.

The GrandeGala is one of the premier social events in the Twin Cities. ProSource is excited to be a part of this incredible evening that will help to support the mission of CommonBond and the services they offer to their residents.

CommonBond is the Midwest’s largest nonprofit provider of affordable housing with services, and is considered a national leader and innovator in the affordable housing and community development field. They currently serve more than 9,000 residents that call CommonBond home.

The fundraiser will be held on Friday, April 1 at the Hilton Minneapolis (1001 S Marquette Avenue). For more information about the event, visit CommonBond’s website

ProSource Celebrates New Cedar Rapids Office Location During Ribbon Cutting Event

March 29, 2016

On March 23, ProSource Technologies, LLC (ProSource) participated in the Cedar Rapids Metro Economic Alliance’s Ribbon Cutting event and Open House to celebrate the grand opening of Regus Cedar Rapids-Witwer.

ProSource recently moved its Cedar Rapids office to the Regus Cedar Rapids-Witwer, located at 305 2nd Ave SE, Suite 200. After seven years of doing business in Cedar Rapids and the surrounding areas, we are looking forward to continuing to serve our Iowa clients from our new location. 

ProSource is pleased to assist the people of Iowa with their professional consulting needs, including right of way/site acquisition, relocation, environmental, and disaster and emergency management services. We welcome the opportunity to demonstrate our capabilities to new and existing clients. 

For more information about our services, please contact us at 888-422-4449.

Natural Disaster Preparedness - An Educational Article Series

October 01, 2015

Life-altering disasters in recent years have reinforced the importance of preparedness planning to help communities recover more quickly when faced with natural disasters.

ProSource Technologies’ experience providing disaster management services for large-scale recovery efforts across the country has provided us the knowledge and capability to help other communities with disaster preparedness planning, as well as manage their critical, finite resources when disaster strikes. To help communities better prepare, ProSource has developed a six-part series of articles to assist state and local governments with disaster recovery planning.

Are You Prepared?

  • Where is disaster preparedness on your state or community priority list?
  • Are you gathering information and learning what is involved in developing a preparedness plan?
  • Do you know what funding sources can provide disaster relief and what your community will need to do to access this funding?

What You Will Learn Throughout This Series...

  • How history and legislation show we need to prepare now to recover more quickly with smaller losses
  • The key components of and steps to take to develop a preparedness plan
  • The priorities and components to list in the Action Plan to help secure CDBG-DR funding
  • Key questions to ask to develop programs responsive to CDBG-DR objectives and requirements
  • The benefits of incorporating citizen engagement early in the preparedness plan
  • The keys to becoming a more resilient community

Part One: The Evolution of Federal Hazard Mitigation and Planning

Over 200 years of history, legislation and presidential directives are all making it clear: communities, municipalities and states can no longer delay the work needed to prepare for natural disasters. Understanding the evolution of the efforts and considerations taken by the federal government over the past 40 years will help us all as we move forward with disaster preparedness, leading to more efficient recovery when faced with natural disasters.

Learn how history and legislation show we need to prepare now to recovery more quickly with smaller losses.

Part Two: The Importance of Preparedness Planning

Taking the time to develop a preparedness plan can assist in quickly getting your community on the track to recovery following a disaster. For people within communities impacted by the disaster—struggling to rebuild their lives, homes and businesses while trying to make ends meet—a preparedness plan can make all the difference. By working through the planning process before disaster strikes, a community can better understand their resources and assets—and become more resilient.

Learn about the keys components of and steps to take to develop a preparedness plan.

Part Three: The Role of an Action Plan in CDBG-DR Funding

Working in advance of a disaster provides ample time to frame probable needs and develop programs consistent with Community Development Block Grant Disaster Recovery (CDBG-DR) requirements for funding from the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). An Action Plan is a critical part of receiving this funding. To best prepare, one must understand the overall purpose of an Action Plan, its role in receiving CDBG-DR funding and the priorities of CDBG-DR funding. Without this understanding, significant delays in funding can occur.

Learn the priorities and components to list in the Action Plan to help secure CDBG-DR funding.

Part Four: Key Components of a Disaster Recovery Action Plan – Questions to Ask

To be eligible for Community Development Block Grant Disaster Recovery (CDBG-DR) funding through the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), a community must evaluate the key components of a disaster recovery CDBG-DR Action Plan: housing, public infrastructure, economic development, and planning and administration. It is critical that communities not only understand the activities within each of these components, but know what questions to ask to guide thoughtful development of programs that adhere to CDBG-DR program objectives and requirements—in advance of disaster.

Learn what key questions to ask to develop programs responsive to CDBG-DR program objectives and requirements.

Part Five: Citizen Engagement and Participation

Community Development Block Grant Disaster Recovery (CDBG-DR) funding requires that a community create a disaster recovery Action Plan that describes the needs, strategies and projected uses of the disaster recovery funds. A vital, required element of an Action Plan is citizen engagement and participation. Citizens who engage and participate in planning before disaster strikes can help prepare an Action Plan that considers current housing, infrastructure, economic development, and planning and administration needs—which, in turn, will help avoid pitfalls, delays and waste in the future. This preparedness plan will become the foundation for a “smart” Action Plan that will fulfill CDBG-DR funding eligibility criteria.

Learn about the benefits of incorporating citizen engagement early in the preparedness plan.

Part Six: The Road to Resilience

Resilience is a key component of disaster recovery—it reflects the dynamic process a community undergoes in order to become strong, healthy and successful again after an adverse event. A community that does not plan for disaster in advance diminishes its chance to be as resilient as possible and may lose opportunities for timely recovery funding. Communities need to develop the key elements of resiliency, which are stamina, flexibility and adaptability.

Learn about the keys to becoming a more resilient community.

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ProSource Technologies Honored as IRWA Chapter 20 Employer of the Year

April 22, 2015

ProSource has been named 2014 “Employer of the Year” by North Star Chapter 20 of the International Right of Way Association (IRWA). IRWA is the leading organization in educational programs and resources for the right of way profession. The award was announced March 18 at the organization’s bi-monthly meeting.

To receive the Employer of the Year award, the recipient must have demonstrated support for its employees’ membership and participation in the activities of the Chapter during the 2014 calendar year. This support includes encouragement of real estate staff in their professional development, enabling staff to obtain certifications, attend classes, speaker lunches, and participate in IRWA activities and programs.

ProSource is thrilled to be recognized as the 2014 Employer of the Year. We are thankful for our outstanding employees, and will strive to continue to be an exemplary employer in the years to come.

ProSource is the largest right of way acquisition firm in the Midwest with a multi-disciplinary staff, and has been providing right of way solutions since its inception in 1997.

ProSource Project Named an IRWA Top 10 International Infrastructure Project of 2014

October 16, 2014

We are pleased to announce that the International Right of Way Association (IRWA) has recognized the Oakwood Beach (NY) Buyout Program as a Top Project of 2014.  In a highly competitive year, this project placed 5th out of the top ten infrastructure projects in the world.

After Superstorm Sandy battered New York in late 2012, New York State sought a company with a solid record of achievement in developing procedures and carrying out programs to provide funding and assistance to hard-hit communities.  In early 2013, ProSource Technologies was engaged on an emergency basis to provide program administration, case management, title searches/reviews, appraisal, verification of eligibility of benefits, acquisition, relocation, environmental reviews, asbestos surveys, property management and demolition management to Oakwood Beach, Staten Island and other parts of New York State.

ProSource, working in cooperation with New York State officials, received 28,846 applications and made available $375 million to property owners through programs under the New York Rising umbrella by the time the contract ended in August 2014, far outpacing the results for any other disaster recovery program in the history of our country.  This was achieved with ProSource receiving a cumulative 4.99 out of 5 customer satisfaction rating from the property owners it served under the Buyout/Acquisition Programs—remarkable under any circumstances, but particularly so given the complexity of the tasks at hand and the understandable emotional intensity involved in helping property owners recover from a natural disaster.

Experience with large-scale recovery efforts around the country has given ProSource the knowledge and capability to help other communities manage their critical, finite resources when disaster strikes—this proved to be a tremendous asset for expeditiously providing assistance to New York in the wake of Sandy.   ProSource Technologies is grateful for IRWA’s recognition and proud to have assisted New York State and its residents in recovering from the worst storm it has endured in recent history.

Later this year, look for the November/December issue of Right of Way Magazine for more about the 2014 IRWA honorees.

Introducing the Trusted Advisor Program

September 10, 2014

ProSource is excited to announce an addition to our environmental services! Reviewing environmental reports can be time-consuming, technical and challenging to interpret. Our team can serve as your trusted advisor, a resource for you to contact when you need a second opinion or don't have the time or resources to review an environmental report. Let our experience in reviewing environmental documents take any guesswork out of your real estate transaction.

ProSource can review existing reports for technical flaws and thoroughness. Also, we can summarize the issues clearly and concisely and provide recommendations for additional actions, when necessary. In addition, our expertise allows us to present alternatives to manage liability that might not be included in the original reports.

Trusted Advisor Program:

  • Third Party Environmental Report Review
  • Scientific & Regulatory Insight and Counsel
  • Staff Training

Call today for your FREE consultation! 1.888.422.4449

To find out more about the Trusted Advisor Program and discover the benefits it can provide for you, email our experts at

Growing Number of Professional Staff

August 28, 2013

2013 has brought tremendous opportunity and growth – now exceeding 400 professional staff nationally!  ProSource has added numerous senior professionals to our team in each of our primary services.  We are excited about the opportunity to support our new projects and clients as well as continue to provide unsurpassed service to our long-term clients.

Over 100 Strong!

June 12, 2012

ProSource is now over 100 employees strong!  Working on projects with new and existing clients, we have hired many experienced professionals.  Additionally, our projects have expanded our geographic reach and we are now working in 10 states across the upper US.  This exciting growth helps ProSource continue to offer unique and affordable project solutions.


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