Leadership Biographies

Mr. Gregory A. Wheeler, J.D.
Chief Executive Officer / General Counsel
Mr. Wheeler has over 25 years of experience in administrative, regulatory, real estate and contract law, real estate and right of way acquisition, linear project routing, and construction permitting issues.  He is a Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Arizona licensed attorney specializing in right of way and land acquisition for utilities, municipalities, state, and federal agencies, and private infrastructure developments, and is well versed in the Uniform Relocation Assistance and Real Property Acquisition Policies Act.  Mr. Wheeler is proficient with all aspects of land acquisition issues including routing, title continuation, field title investigation, direct purchase, title review, landowner liaison, relocation, public relations, and the appraisal process.  He also participates in regulatory proceedings and public meetings, zoning compliance and hearings, state and federal agency liaison, and testimony/brief drafting assistance for certificated projects.

Mr. Scott T. Stenger
Vice President
Mr. Stenger has over 23 years of experience with right of way project management, site acquisition, land title abstracting and examination services for major construction projects.  He is a Licensed Abstractor and Real Estate Broker, accomplished with title research and examinations, title continuations, field title investigations, direct purchase, reporting, relocation, project management, and landowner negotiations and liaison.  Mr. Stenger has extensive knowledge with the application of state statutes and regulations regarding construction projects, and has completed the direct purchase of properties throughout the United States.

Mr. Jason D. Alt
Vice President
Mr. Alt has over 18 years of experience in providing professional consulting services related to property management, property disposal, land acquisition and relocation.  His primary areas of expertise consist of managing complex or politically sensitive acquisition or relocation projects, assembling teams to implement right of way projects, training right of way staff for public agencies, establishing policies and procedures for agencies to oversee right of way consultant firms and acting as a representative for public agencies in relocation appeals.  Mr. Alt has worked throughout the country on land acquisition and relocation projects.

Mr. David E. Hennen
Director of Environmental Services
Mr. Hennen has over 18 years of experience in environmental consulting for the energy industry.  He serves as the Director of Environmental Services and the company Health and Safety Officer.  He specializes in project management and regulatory and environmental permitting for linear construction projects, including pipelines, power lines, water lines, roads, and trail projects. Mr. Hennen works closely with clients and agencies to ensure regulatory and environmental compliance, while meeting project expectations.  Mr. Hennen has conducted environmental training for energy company representatives, construction contractors and agency staff and has performed environmental inspections on behalf of energy companies and agencies. Mr. Hennen has successfully obtained federal, state and local permits and approvals for routing, stream and wetland crossings, erosion and sediment control, water appropriation and discharge, threatened and endangered species and cultural resources.  He manages projects from the route selection and title work phases, through land acquisition, permitting, construction and restoration. 

Ms. Evelyn T. McCullough
Financial Controller & Treasurer
Ms. McCullough oversees the financial operations of the company.  She is a chartered accountant with over 25 years of experience, including auditing and purchase investigations with an international public accounting firm.  Ms. McCullough manages Deltek Vision, a project-based integrated enterprise resource and budgeting system, a critical part of ProSource’s client service.  This system seamlessly integrates project controls while supporting complex and diverse accounting requirements and offering a myriad of reporting options.  Ms. McCullough and her team provide accurate and timely information to project managers, so they can effectively serve our clients.